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Does your school provide, or are you already using, a program that allows you to host your class more and more in an online environment?  The programs used to manage course content using this online method are called Learning Course Management Systems (LCMS). In today’s educational landscape there are many popular Learning Management Systems. Whether you are using Edmodo, Schoology, My Big Campus, Moodle, Blackboard, D2L, or one of the many other options available, there are common best practices that improve the effectiveness for the student within any Learning Management System. 

The LMS is a great way to develop and organize digital content for students that can be used in a traditional classroom setting and to extend learning with a hybrid/blending learning approach by incorporating components of  a “Virtual” or “Distance Learning” course. In this course you will begin building the digital framework for your course(s) and create content and activities you can begin using with students right away.

This course will provide teachers with the resources and guidance needed to transform the learning environment through the development of online course activities and modules. The online component of this course will focus on exploring the best practices common to a variety of Learning Management Systems. The face to face meetings will give participants time to apply this knowledge and develop an engaging online learning environment within the selected LMS. This course is appropriate for teachers at any skill level. The novice user will experience patient, step by step instruction with ample time to practice. Intermediate and advanced users will be provided targeted, personalized instruction and will focus on additional topics as dictated by their interests, abilities and course content.