Is Google the best and only search engine for every task? Considering all the hype, is Wikipedia a viable resource or not? Are you creating your own personal filter bubble every time you search & click? These and other provocative questions will be addressed along with a wide array of practical options and resources for classroom implementation – while taking the course.
In today's classes, teachers are the guides for students using online almost every day in some form.  Implementing sound resource selection and educational practices while choosing effective tools for both student and teacher is more critical and challenging than ever.
This course will address the following:
• online reading skills and strategies: the structure of  and approach to online texts
• infographics: the data & the visual
• critical inquiry & resource evaluation: the depth, difficulty, bias   and accuracy of online resources
• online reputation, privacy & digital footprint: the impediments, approaches & attitudes to the digital footprint
• diversifying search tools & resources: the invisible web, learning styles, “tricks of the trade” for effective searches