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Video can be a highly effective tool in delivering meaningful content in the classroom.  Both teachers and students can utilize video in a variety of productive ways to support classroom learning.  In today’s technologically advanced classrooms, using videos can help deliver a message more effectively, than just on paper.  This course will provide instruction on how to capture a powerful message or lesson on video. Participants will take part in shooting the content, editing the material, and producing a finished product that effectively delivers their intended message.  Strategies will be implemented to encompass the teachers’ main ideas, and highlight them with added editing techniques.  This class is designed for those teachers who want to engage their students in a dynamic new way, teachers who want to learn more about what to do with their current video footage, and teachers who want to challenge themselves and their students to take their lessons to the next level.


As part of your tuition, a GoPro Hero 3+ White will be included!  We think it is important for you to have the tools you need in order to return to your classroom, fully ready to implement all you have learned in this course!


**Please note, a laptop computer is required for this course.